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To secure your booking dates, we require a 20% deposit..
Final payment is due 4 weeks prior to trip.

Cancellation policy

1 month or more prior to trip - full refund less the deposit.

Less than 1 month - no refund.

If however the cancelled trip time can be resold by Fiordland Charters Ltd.,
full refund of monies paid less a $500 administration fee would apply.

Fishing/Diving Extraction policy

The taking of scallops, paua, crayfish, mussels and fishes as well as being
within the fisheries regulations will only be taken to supplement meals for
passengers aboard. The last day of a charter is a day when the above may
be extracted to be taken home.
(The Pembroke is unable to freeze down fish caught).

Diving Policy

While we supply tanks, weights and carry emergency oxygen equipment, this is not a guided diving trip. Each diver as well as having a current diving ticket is completely responsible for their own actions.

Hunting policy

Each hunter should have the appropriate firearms license and have obtained a DOC permit for the area's to be hunted prior to the trip.